Sunday, June 19, 2011

Review: Green Lantern (**)

Green Lantern is the latest DC comics superhero to get a movie adaptation. It starts with Hal Jordan (Ryan Renyolds) taking off in a fighter pilot when he thinks of a memory that haunted him in his childhood. His memory was his father getting killed after his fighter plane blew up with him in it. He releases the plane from the air causing it to crash. At first he gets fired from the job but thanks to his childhood friend Carol (Blake Lively) he is suspended pending an investigation. One night he is dragged by the lanterns power to a purple alien that crashes on Earth and dies shortly after. A doctor (Peter Sarsgaard) performs surgery on the alien and gets some slime and turns him into the main villain. On the other planet, Hal is trained by Sinestro (Mark Strong), Kilowog (voiced by Michael Clarke Duncan), and Tomar Re (voiced by Geoffry Rush).

Overall I thought the first half was awful but got better in the second half. I hated the opening scene, and the credits scene was confusing.   

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