Tuesday, January 31, 2012

John's DVD pick of the week (1/31/12)

Well it's Tuesday. This week 2 of my top 25 movies come out this week, but only one made the top ten, that movie is.


That's right the Ryan Gosling Action film is my pick this week. The other film in my top 25 this week is the Sci-fi thriller In Time. The other two big releases are the Horror remake The Thing and the thriller Dream House. I did not see either of these. 

My vintage pick is, in honor of this week's release of Chronicle is a found footage film similar to this it's called Cloverfield. It's an awesome film and you should see it.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

John's DVD pick of the week (1/24/12)

Well it's Tuesday and I need to let go of some steam, This week I chose a film in my top 5 its...

That's right the cancer comedy/drama was my pick this week. The other two big releases this week were Paranormal Activity 3 And the robot flick Real Steel. I saw the former and its worth a rent, but I have not seen the latter.

My vintage pick is, in honor of This weeks release of One For The Money are a trio of Katherine Heigl films I actually like they are 27 Dresses, Knocked Up, and The Ringer, all three are worth a look.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

69th annual Golden Globes winners

Best Supporting actor in a movie: Christopher Plummer- Beginners,
Best Actress in a tv series comedy or musical: Laura Dern- Enlightened, 
Best Mini Series or tv movie- Downton Abbey, 
Best Actress in a mini series or tv movie:
Kate Winslet- Mildred Pierce Best Actor in a TV series Drama- Kelsey Grammer- Boss,
Best TV Series Drama- Homeland,
Best Original Score- The Artist,
Best Original Song- Masterpiece, W.E. Madonna, 
Best Actor in a MinI Series or TV Movie: Idris Elba- Luther, 
Best Actress in a motion picture Musical or Comedy: Michelle Williams- My Week with Marilyn, 
Best Supporting actor in mini series, tv movie or television series: Peter Dinklage- Game of Thrones, 
Best Animated Feature- The Adventures of Tin Tin, 
Best Screenplay- Midnight in Paris, 
Best Supporting Actress in a mini series, TV movie or TV series:Jessica Lange- American Horror Story,
Best Foreign Film- A Seperation, 
Best Actress in a TV series Drama: Claire Danes- Homeland, 
Best Actor in a TV series Comedy- Matt LeBlanc- Episodes, 
Best Supporting Actress in a Motion PIcture: Octavia Spencher- The Help, 
Best Director: Martin Scorsese- Hugo, 
Best TV show Comedy or Musical- Modern Family, 
Best Actor Motion Picture comedy or musical- Jean Dujardin, 
Best Actress in a motion picture Drama: Meryl Streep- The Iron Lady, 
Best Picture Comedy or Musical- The Artist, 
Best Actor in a motion picture Drama: George Clooney- The Descendants, 
Best Motion PIcture Drama- The Descendants

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

John's DVD pick of the week (1/3/12)

Well happy new year to all, This week I chose an underrated mainstream gem it's...


That's right the Steven Soderbergh disease thriller is my pick this week. Also getting a thumbs up this week are the Chris Evans drama Puncture, and the Brendan Gleeson comedy The Guard. Also out this week is the descent horror flick Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark, the horrendous Shark Night 3D (which was my fifth worst film of the year if you did not see my list), and the Sarah Jessica Parker comedy I Don't Know How She Does It, which I did not see.

My vintage pick is... In honor of this week's release of The Devil Inside is another movie on exorcisms, it's The Last Exorcism, see it if you have a chance. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

34 Year Old Man busted after exposing privates in front of Chipmunk movie

Kids and parents who paid admission to see a movie about three shipwrecked chipmunks on Dec. 29 at the North Riverside Park Mall's Classic Cinemas theater, 7501 Cermak Rd., got a bonus show that afternoon - one that landed a 34-year-old Chicago man in Cook County Jail.
About a half hour into the 4 p.m. showing of the kiddie feature Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked, police say an entirely naked Edward L. Brown stood up from his seat in the front row, faced the crowd of 86 theater-goers, stretched out his hands and displayed his genitalia for all to see before sitting back down to enjoy the movie.
Two North Riverside police officers, who were patrolling inside the mall, responded to the scene within a minute, ordered Brown to put his clothes back on and, without further incident, escorted him out the fire entrance and away from those who remained inside the theater.
The theater manager, meanwhile, stopped the film and offered refunds or vouchers to another show for those who were in the theater at the time of the incident.
According to the police report, Brown told officers that he had been let inside the movie theater for free by an unknown female who allegedly told him to have a seat in the front row of the theater, take off his clothes and wait for her, so they could have sex, smoke crack and do heroin.
At a hearing on Dec. 30 at the Maybrook courthouse, a Cook County judge set Brown's bail at $100,000. He remains in custody, charged with three felony counts of sexual exploitation of children, aged 4, 6 and 6; one misdemeanor count of sexual exploitation of a minor aged 14; and one misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct.
Brown has another court date on Jan. 9 at Maybrook.

John's Two cents: This guy is a disgusting piece of shit. I wanna hit him with a baseball bat. 

And now for the worst.

Every movie we see is not a masterpiece, some movies are just pieces of shit. These were the tewn worst films of the year

10. I Am Number Four

9. Red Riding Hood

8. Hanna 

7. Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

6. Green Lantern

5. Shark Night 3D

4. Jack & Jill

3. Munger Road

2. Spy Kids: All The Time In The World


1. Justin Bieber: Never Say Never.