Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Amazing Race recap (10/23/11)

Sunday the 19th season of The Emmy winning series The Amazing Race continued airing
Road Block # 1 find a fish near a man and break it
The Speed Bump Liz and Marie had to do was having to wash an elephant
after that teams had to disassemble a spirit house
Road Block # 2 Reassemble the spirit house that was disassembled (the person who sat out the first road block had to do this one)
after that teams were given bread to feed to fish
Pit Stop was at the M.R. Kukrit Heritage House
Final Placings in this leg were
1st - Amani and Marcus (Won Trip to Bali)
2nd - Bill and Cathi
3rd - Ernie and Cindy
4th - Justin and Jennifer
5th - Andy and Tommy
6th - Laurence and  Zac
7th - Jeremy and Sandy
LAST - Liz and Marie (ELIMINATED)

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