Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Amazing Race recap (10/16/11)

Last week I did not have time for a recap but Kaylani & Lisa went home.

Teams traveled to Phuket, Thailand.
The detour choice is
Coral construction - Teams had to build a nursery out of coral pipes, when they were done teams took a kayak and set it on the ocean floor
Beach Preparation - Teams had to set up 20 beach chairs and 10 umbrellas with a symbol
The road block was to climb a sheer rock wall to a bird's nest to get the next clue
The pit stop was at Koh Panyi floating soccer field
Team rankings were
1st - Andy and Tommy (won $5,000 cash each.)
2nd - Justin and Jennifer
3rd - Jeremy and Sandy
4th - Laurence and Zac
5th - Ernie and Cindy
6th - Amani and Marcus
7th - Bill and Cathi
8th - Liz and Marie (SAVED, Must do speed bump next leg)

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