Saturday, April 30, 2011

Review: African Cats (**1/2)

African Cats is Disneynature's new documentary. It is narrated by Samuel L. Jackson. It follows the lives of three different cats. Kahil is the leader of the lions in Kenya in his group are Fang a lion who lost a tooth after a battle. Mara who after her mother dies gets lost from the group. And the final cat that is focused is Sita a cheetah that raises five cubs, one day Sita loses three of her cubs to hyenas. Throughout the film the lions hope to reunite together and they hunt for food

In my opinion there were parts that were cool but there were a few parts where it got boring. For fun I mocked Sam Jackson's Snakes On A Plane (an example is a lot of flies would go on to the lion's face so every time I saw that I would go "I've had it with these motherfuckin flies on my motherfuckin face.") There was a credits scene that was a bit silly. Overall if you care about our planet see this movie. 

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