Sunday, December 28, 2014

2014 in review: Taylor Swift and Other People We Need To Vote Off The Island

2014 has been an interesting year in celebrity news. There’s been so many interstesting stories and so much tomfoolery that almost threatened to overwhelm all the good. It was because of this year’s crazy celeb stuff that I decided I need to compile a list of the people on this planet I felt needed to be voted off the island.
In no particular order:

Taylor Swift: She. Just. Can't. Make. Headlines. Unless. She. Has. A. Dick. In. Her. Mouth. Plus 1989 was trash

Ray Rice: Example A of what you should not do to ruin your career

David Backes: He's just the scum of sports who makes constant cheap shots around the NHL. Brent Seabrook served him right in Game 2 of Round 1 of the playoffs.

Brendon Villegas & Rachel Reilly: Brenchel has outstayed there welcome on my island. Whatever they did on The Amazing Race All Stars was the Final Straw.

 Ann Coulter: Miss Coulter needs to take her Conservative trolling, American hating ass somewhere else, preferablly The Westboro Baptist Church

Donald Sterling: For saying maybe the dumbest thing ever. Also Freedom of Speech does equal Freedom of Consequences.

Armond White: I haven't forgotten your little "Doorman & Garbageman" comment towards Steve McQueen at NYFCC

Justin Bieber: He'll make this list every year until he goes.

Adrien Peterson: Example B of you should not do to ruin your career 

Nigel Lythgoe: For attempting to save a trash contestant not once but TWICE during this past season of American Idol

 Who do you want to see voted off the island?

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