Tuesday, May 3, 2011

John's DVD Pick of the week (May 3rd 2011)

It's Tuesday and it's time for a dvd article and my pick this week is the first official 2011 release I saw It's...

The Green Hornet 

That's right Seth Rogen's action comedy based on the 1930's radio show is my pick. It's not the best film of the year but you should give it a rent.

Other releases this week include The negative reviewed The Dilemma, and the Mexican American romantic comedy From Prada To Nada. Also 9 of my 10 best of 2010 (127 Hours, Black Swan, Despicable Me, The Fighter, I Love You Phillip Morris, Inception, Never Let Me Go, The Social Network, and Toy Story 3. True Grit comes out next month) so check those out.

My Vintage pick is: In honor of this weeks release of Thor I am recommending The original Iron Man. It was #8 on my best films of 2008 and think you should check it out sometime before the new Avengers movie comes out next year.  

My Vintige pick is

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